About Penguin

Penguin Car Hire is focused purely on providing our customers with low cost quality car hire anywhere in the world. Our booking engine searches through the stock of more than 800 car rental agents in over 30,000 counties across the world, to bring you the best deals.

Penguin consistently returns extremely competitive car hire rates from some of the most established companies in the industry.

Why Rent With Penguin?

  • No hidden charges or credit card fees
  • Only approved, quality rental agents used
  • Save BIG money comparing hundreds of rental agents

Meet the Penguin Team

Justin Aldridge

Justin spends his days being a geek programming and making sure the penguin website does everything it should do. If something doesn't work properly we make sure Justin doesn't get any tea and biscuits during our tea breaks.

Favourite thing about penguins: "They are just so cute and cuddly. How can anyone not love them?"


Mike Knivett

When he's not busy filing his nails, Mike spends his time telling everyone in the office what to do. He thinks he's the boss and the rest of us let him believe it. Mike's main role is doing the deals that bring you the best deals.

Favourite thing about penguins: "I just love the way they always look so smart and turn up for work on time very day".


Alana Burton

Alana is the real boss in the office. She puts us all in our places. When she's not busy managing our customer support department she can be found down the local gym lifting weights. You don't mess with Alana...well, we certainly don't!

Favourite thing about penguins: "I've always been envious of penguins in that they never have to worry about shaving their legs, they practically don't have any anyway".


Kristian Fox

When we can drag Kristian away from the football he is normally quite happy to add plenty of good new stuff to the site, be all social and keep the penguin happy. He's great with words and we think he's a modern Shakespeare.

Favourite thing about penguins: "They are perfectly designed to dribble a ball as it can slot perfectly between their feet".



Pete's job is to hang around the website and just look useful. In his spare time Pete likes to groom himself and try on different bow ties and eat tuna from tins. He's a bit lazy these days to catch his own fish.

Favourite thing about humans: Unfortunately Pete couldn't give us an answer to this question as he can't actually speak.